Appreciation - get and give more
Appreciation - get and give more

Have you been "thanked" recently?

One thing that's concerned me for quite a while, is the lack of appreciation, a simple "Thank You" for something you've done or given. For example, when buying your coffee recently, did the server say, "That'll be $4.50"? What's happened to the 'Please" as in, "That'll be $4.50 please"? (I can only remember it happening once in the last few months, so now I'm about to start taking score).  And then when you've paid, did the server say, "Thanks", or "Thank You"?

In broad terms, this seems like a lack of civility. In the bigger scheme of things, my observations over the last decade or more, is that we've moved from a relationship based society (where people interacted and developed relationships - sometimes momentary, at others long lasting), to a transaction based society where everything depends on an exchange of monetary value. This has become more so with the advent and rapid increase, of on-line shopping - there's no need for the pleasantries of 'please' and 'thank you', merely the exchange of one's money over the internet for a product or service. Perhaps this is one reason for such a lack of civility when it comes to face-to-face encounters - maybe we've forgotten how, and more importantly why these pleasantries are so essential.

In thinking about this, I've just re-published an article of mine I wrote a number of years ago on the value and benefits of appreciation, "Are you dead on the job?".  Have a read and see what you think - I'd be very interested in your comments. You may also like to check out my other article on developing a culture of recognition.




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