What To Do When You Become The Boss

What To Do When You Become The Boss

How new managers become successful managers
“The great thing about ‘What To Do When You Become The Boss’ is that I can dive in and find a quick solution to a management problem straight away” said Luciano Almeida, a senior manager at ING, Belgium. “Or, I can give it to one of my new managers as part of their induction to the firm. Using a great book like this gives our new managers an in depth handle on how we expect our people to be managed” said Almeida.

“What To Do When You Become The Boss” should be assigned reading for anyone in business school or for those who work within a large corporation. Not only will the advice offered in this book be beneficial to you and your career, but you will also help the company grow as a result. And we all know, if you help the company grow you will be rewarded. So if you want to be successful, I strongly recommend this book – you and your career will thank me.”

Peter N. Jones – New Great Books.

Becoming a manager is like giving birth – whilst it can be painful, it’s relatively easy. After the initial decision to start the pregnancy, one doesn’t have much say in proceedings. It’s what follows that’s difficult. It’s been said that managing has a degree of difficulty that’s akin to bringing up children – very hard, but enjoyable work.

Bob Selden aims to make life a lot easier for managers. Bob’s book “What To Do When You Become The Boss” takes new managers from the conception of their management pregnancy through to management adulthood. And it’s done with humour and many savvy “How to’s”.

But what really sets “What To Do When You Become The Boss” apart is the content. As well as the standard but essential management tips like hiring, firing and motivating, it has some very interesting and potentially quite rewarding, topics. These include “How to build your image in the organisation”, “How to manage your boss” and if you have to change jobs, there’s even a chapter on “How to select your new boss”.

Published in four languages – English, Polish, Portuguese and Chinese – it’s now sold 75,000 copies. The book was also a finalist in the Indie Book Awards and been a business best-seller in both the UK and Australia.


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