Setting the Tone from the Top

Setting the Tone from the Top

How leaders' conversations shape a positive culture
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Sydney Finkelstein, Professor for Strategy and Leadership at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and author of the bestseller, Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent, commented: “What we say and how we say it has never been more important in this era of ‘fake news’. Muth and Selden cut through the clutter to provide road-tested and sage advice for board members and senior executives alike on how to communicate more effectively when the chips are down.”

Setting the Tone from the Top

In writing a book on communication for Leaders and Senior Executives, authors Melinda Muth and Bob Selden commented, “We’re very pleased to be writing a book about language and words used by leaders that convey messages - whilst their intent may be genuine and the words used have a positive impact on culture - at other times, inappropriate words, languages and conversations have the opposite effect. So, appropriately our new book is titled, "Setting the Tone from the Top: How leaders'  conversations shape a positive culture”.

The ‘use of knowledge’ as a process as opposed to the ‘presence of knowledge and skills’ in the leadership team, is the key theme of the book. Bob and Melinda show how using appropriate words and language can tap the collective knowledge of the leadership team (and the board) to improve their working relationships, their collective decision-making and ultimately positively impact the behaviour of management and the culture of the organisation.

In Setting the Tone from the Top, you’ll learn about the secrets to igniting engagement throughout the organisation on achieving the corporate vision through developing a positive culture.


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